News this week - 19th January

Well the big excitement this week has obviously been the snow! We were so excited to come to nursery on Thursday ready to have fun in the snow.

We joined Mrs Griffiths and the Reception children on the school field to have some winter fun.  We made snowmen and snow angels, we had snowball fights and just had lots of fun running and rolling about in the snow!  In the afternoon we used the tablet to find out how snow is made, a very exciting day. 

We have also been making special dens for the hibernating animals using different sized blocks and bricks, the children have had to think very carefully about the shapes they need to use to make their dens secure.  Finally, we have been making number lines, but this week we have been taking away some numbers and the children have had to think about what numbers we have taken away.  
Miss H Gallagher 

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