News this week - 23rd March

This week, although the weather doesn’t necessarily reflect it, has seen the season change from winter to spring.

This season is always an exciting one, the children can see the flowers blossoming, the grass getting greener and the lambs appearing in the fields. We have spent time looking around the school for signs of the changing season and despite the cold weather have found some flowers beginning to bloom.  We have begun changing our display board from winter to spring and the children have painted some lovely daffodils to add to this.  

As Easter and our new season is also a time to think about new life, the children have been using forks and paint to create some wonderful spring chicks.  This has been a lovely activity and helped them to understand that they can use tools to create different effects. 
We have also continued to explore dinosaurs and after the excitement of our egg hatching last week, this week we learned that our dinosaur was a stegosaurus! The children have decided to name him Wilson and have taken a lot of time and care making him a very luxurious home!  This house is made out of stones and twigs and includes a slide, a swimming pool and a very comfortable bed! 
Miss H Gallagher 

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